Before manipulation, the wood used for building the core is stored until it has reached the optimal moisture point. This way, the core absorbs the perfect quantity needed of epoxy resin and withstands the high pressures and temperatures that occur during the pressing process.

Laminated core

The laminated core features beech and ash wood which are both semi-hardwood; ash is flexible and supple, and beech is uniform and resistant. They are vertically combined in a way to get the most out of each one.

Lightweight core

“Isocore” technology combines beech wood with ultra-light polymers in order to lessen the weight of the ski without losing a manageable and reactive control. The wood is placed on the sidewalls to assure torsional stability and faster responsiveness.


This polymer reduces weight and increases rigidity offering excellent shock absorption.


UHM Nano Graphite Race Base

Ultra-high molecular weight graphite base build using nanoparticles. Its sliding properties are extraordinary and suitable for any situation thanks to many special additives. This base is used only for racing skis. To maintain these qualities, you need the assistance of an expert.

UHM Graphite Race Base

Ultra-high molecular weight graphite base is excellent for wax absorption and guarantees perfect gliding. It is used for top-notch skis. It requires maintenance and the use of wax to optimize its gliding properties.

HM Graphite Base

High molecular weight graphite base is used for racing skis. This base contains a high number of additives that absorb the wax and ensure a soft gliding. Frequent waxing is required to optimize its gliding properties.

HM Extruded Base

Improved extruded high molecular weight base. It requires minimal maintenance to keep its qualities for a long time, assuring maximum comfort.



We combine uniaxial, biaxial or triaxial fiberglass in each model to ensure the best quality. If the heart of the ski is the core, fiberglass is its skeleton.

Carbon fiber

A substitute of fiberglass, carbon fiber is much lighter and more rigid. It is used in some models to modify its flex and torsion pattern.

Titanal plate® :

Titanal plate® is a high-strength, age hardenable aluminum-wrought alloy. It increases torsional rigidity providing great stability. Its unique properties make it the best on the market.

Steel edges

Extruded with a specific geometry to avoid delamination, steel edges bear continuous sharpening for racing, as well as hundreds of hours of boxes and rails without losing its original properties.


Sandwich construction

This technique consists of placing different layers of different materials one on top of the other, while keeping the core in the centre. It is clearly identifiable in skis with sidewalls. These layers bond with epoxy resin at high temperatures and are left to cure.

Half-cap construction

We combine the best of sandwich and cap technology by using a top sheet that fits perfectly into the ski’s geometry. By getting rid of the upper edge of the sidewall we guarantee longer durability and assure the perfect transmission of power to the sidewall. This kind of technology is best for skis that are exposed to heavy use, such as our park skis.

Cap construction

This technique uses the same materials in the top sheet of the ski as well as in its structure. We build a 3D structure that contributes to the total torsional rigidity of the skis and better aerodynamics. The material used is a special polymer that offers excellent characteristics for shock absorption and is reinforced with a combination of different types of fiberglass.